Data as a Service – DaaS

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How DaaS service helps online activity analysis

Today, digital strategies heavily depend on the use of data present in online platforms (such as e-commerce, social networks, CRM, etc.) or within the Business Intelligence function of companies. To make truly effective decisions, it is necessary to analyse in detail the available data going beyond the simple view of reports and dashboards. More and more often, it is necessary to extract only the really useful data to help companies offer targeted services for their customers.

What DaaS service offers

With the DaaS service, data is extracted from different platforms and monthly reports and dashboards are created with analyses of agreed metrics and KPIs. It is a fully customizable solution as you can select the data sources and the preferred type of presentation. It allows even professionals with low technical skills to acquire useful business information to take effective marketing actions.


  • Simplifies the process of onboarding data from multiple streams.
  • Reduced cost of analysis.
  • Better information and faster business processes.
  • Makes analytics accessible without requiring a deep understanding of the underlying technology.
  • Is a fully scalable and cost-effective service for organizations at different stages of growth.

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