Analytics Audit

Benefits of an Analytics Audit
The photo shows monitor with data analytics

An analytics audit is often one of the first steps in properly developing a measurement strategy. Evolving organizations need a clear measurement strategy to continually adapt to changing business needs, competition, and customer demands. The analytics audit sets the foundation for the long term by designing your solution and documenting that architecture and its implementation.

An audit of your core digital analytics tool is often the first required step towards improving your organization’s analytics maturity.

Benefits of an Analytics Audit

With accurate, trustworthy data, your organization is now ready to achieve insights and action with your data. Your marketing channels will be accurately measured and reported so that you know where to focus your marketing efforts. Your customer experience will be accurately measured and reported so you will identify opportunities to improve that experience and have happier customers.

I am very passionate about this activity, it is a stimulating task that requires precision and competence. All websites, in fact, have different characteristics and requirements, so each analysis allows me to discover new problems and to think about possible technical solutions to propose.

Main uses of Data Analytics:

  • analyze user visits;
  • analyze traffic in real time;
  • evaluate your site’s technical performance;
  • optimize the conversion process;
  • optimize user behavior;
  • improve the navigation of a site;
  • measure the performance of social campaigns;
  • understand the origin of traffic from different channels;
  • improve SEO (Search Engine Optimization);
  • improve lead generation;
  • making predictions on large datasets;
  • optimize the channels that work best.

Websites, when used as effective communication and marketing tools, should be subject to constant monitoring. Haven’t set up a data analysis tool or having a problem with your current setup and can’t find the reason? Contact me, I will help you configure and diagnose what is wrong and what can be improved.

Book an informative phone call without obligation in the contact section. It will be a pleasure to deepen the data of your business.

Credits photo by Stephen Dawson on Unsplash