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Every day, I meet entrepreneurs who have had the courage to change processes, software and methods, only to find themselves in undesirable situations. This happens when the proposed solution is not in line with the needs of the company and they do not have the tools to make an accurate assessment.

For this reason, I dedicate a lot of time to Data Analytics of all digital channels to find and propose the best Digital Strategy.

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How I can help you in digital activities

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Data Analytics

Data analytics is a process that interprets data to make informed business decisions. Discover the offer in the Services area.

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Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics is used to create predictive analysis by combining processes, expertise, and advanced technologies.

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Digital Transformation

Targeted Digital Transformation consulting help you compete in the Digital Marketplace. Learn more about the training offered in the Services area.


A training aimed at your needs is always included in my consultancy.


All agreed activities will have accurate and measurable results.


The projects we implement will integrate in-depth technical skills.

Testimonials from some clients I have worked with.

I recommend that you read them and, if you wish, contact them.

I am grateful to Nicola Lapenta, he introduced me to the world of digital marketing, he encouraged me and helped me understand how it works. He also helped me with the digital activities at Agile School.

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Fabio Lisca - Founder

We were looking for a consultant who would allow us to identify a strategy rather than a magic lamp in which to extract solutions. Throughout the development of the RossoMagenta activities, we constantly met with Nicola, in order to continuously adjust the aim of our actions. We appreciated the professionalism and transparency, qualities that have allowed us to always have a sincere and balanced relationship. The continuous feedback and updates on the progress of the work made us feel followed and that we were in safe hands. 

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RossoMagenta - Social Manager

I wanted to increase the sales of my PlexiArtGlass e-commerce, and with only organic activities I have already achieved good results. I appreciated Nicola’s systematic method, the creation of presentations that helped me grasp my real needs and the various solutions applicable with concrete data. I immediately understood that I was faced with a truly capable person both in theory and in practice.

The photo shows Melania Ubaldino of PlexiArtGlass
Melania Ubaldino - Entrepreneur

After Nicola developed the new website MioClub for me, I asked to evaluate possible benefits of a Facebook marketing campaign. Nicola prepared a campaign plan that contained measurable results and other possible benefits for my business.

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Paolo Galante - Entrepreneur

There were already several times when I worked with consultants who simply turned out to be implementers of my ideas. When Nicola was working on the development of my website Tonyfly, I realized that he had a lot of knowledge in digital marketing. I was impressed by his broad experience in this field.

The photo shows the Tony Fly logo
Antonio Barlocco - Entrepreneur

I only accept projects in which I believe I can make a difference. I reply promptly.