Would you like to improve your online activity, but the difficulty makes you give up?

I work as a freelance
to innovative projects.

Nice to meet you, I’m Nicola Lapenta. For over twenty years I have been working as a consultant in transforming my clients’ requirements into technological projects. In recent years I have been developing innovative projects as a Digital Marketing Consultant.

Every day I meet entrepreneurs who have had the courage to change processes, software and methods, only to not find themselves in the desired situation. This happens when the proposed solution is not in line with the needs of the company and they do not have the tools to make an accurate assessment. Also for this reason I analyze and optimize the real data of your digital channels to propose the best strategy for your activities.

How can I help you

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Data Analytics

My consultations always start with a thorough audit of your digital channels. Do you have a problem with your current configuration, but can’t find the reason why ?. I will help you diagnose what is wrong and what can be improved.

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Lead Generation

Unlike other consultants who only increase the traffic of your site, I simplify and optimize the digital channels you use to obtain useful data for your Marketing strategies. I truly improve your business with precisely measurable results.

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I can help you with training targeted to your real needs, so that your result is also my result from a strategic and positioning point of view. My greatest commitment is to make myself clear and simple, with concepts that are immediately applicable.


A training aimed at your needs is always included in my consultancy.


All agreed activities will have precisely measurable results.


The projects we implement will integrate in-depth technical skills.

I only accept projects in which I believe I can make a difference. I reply in quick times.